Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Team Work

Carrying the heavy load together.
By 4pm we were able to move the scissor lift and install over the building's main entrance.

One of the nice things about working late is the sunset.

We are getting close to installing the last piece!

Mike's last troweling job for this project...

Our last piece!

After the long day, we are all pretty happy to see the mosaic completed. Marieke is taking the photo.

Shinique's artwork is also depicted in large windows down both city blocks of the building.

Our focus shifts to grouting as the mosaic is now completely installed.

There is wonderful detail in the mosaic that is not perceptible from the street. Here are some detail shots...

With one scissor lift at the beginning of the mosaic and one at the end, we can get a sense of how large this project is.

Shinique included drawings in her artwork that she collected during a workshop she conducted with local children.

End of day 37!

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