Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Long Haul

With only a week left of work, we finish up the grouting.

Because many days of grouting look the same, here are detail shots of the mosaic.

Before we caulk, Mike cleans out the joints of dried mortar and grout.
One team has started to caulk while the other does a final clean of the mosaic.

After two months of work, a lot of mortar and grout has fallen on the scissor lifts. Luckily they don't stick to metal and won't be too difficult to clean before we have to return the lifts.
Because this mosaic is so large (and detailed), we have a lot detail shots to share.

Expansion joints are necessary on walls this large but they create an unfortunate line through the mosaic. We try to minimize the visibility of these lines by caulking with different colours.

Marieke doing the finicky job of caulking.

After 45 days at the work site all that's left is 3 panels to caulk and this 2,500 square foot mosaic will be completed!
Here are more detail shots of the final mosaic.

End of day 45!