Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glass Roots

Another day where the rain held off and allowed us to work.

Mike taking a quick lunch break on the scissor lift.

End of day 26!

Hide and Seek

Ferruccio cutting the edge for the expansion joint while on the scissor lift.

End of day 25!

The Heat is On

We always start our day with chalk lines before installing.

Our view of the Bronx across the river.

The grout scissor lift.

Marieke and Chloe removing the plastic and cleaning out the seams.

End of day 24!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Solstice

Magda and Valentina on their last day of work before going home.

Ferruccio and Jeff continue to grout.

One of the smaller pieces ever to be installed.

Shinique Smith checking out her mural with Yaling of the MTA and Saskia.
End of day 22!
Cutting the piece for the other side of the expansion joint.

Today is so hot, the trowel is too hot for the mortar so we're keeping them cool.

Chloe arrived yesterday with Marieke to replace Valentina and Magda.

End of day 23!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Time

A closeup of some of the amazing work from our glazing studio.

Our grouting scissor lift sits empty as we all work on installing today.

End of day 19!

Mike and Ferruccio first fit the top into the frame...

Before sliding it down into the mosaic.

With a panel and a half completed, we move the scissor lift over to start preparing the next section for grout.

Magda and Valentina doing some fixes.

End of day 20!

End of day 21!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Into The Third Week

The butterfly is out of its box and on the wall. Although very unlikely, we still tape the butterfly to the mosaic to make sure it doesn't fall out before the mortar sets up.

A neat detail shot looking down.

A menacing blob of mortar.

End of day 16!

The view of the installing scissor lift from the grouting scissor lift.

The final step before we can move the first scissor lift over; grouting and cleaning.

Luckily the camouflage look will wipe off.

Jeff, from Queens, NY. has come to give us a hand.

End of day 17!

With five panels up out of ten, we start to install the sixth today. That means we are more than half way done installing!

The first row before the expansion joint is 4 feet high and it's hard to lift the piece over the railing!

We are almost done grouting the first panel and a half.

End of day 18!